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19, Apr 2019
MEP Engineering and Design of EV Charging Stations
Have you ever thought about where the electric vehicle industry would be without the presence of MEP engineers?
At the onset of 2021, 300,000+ EVs were sold. At times like these when gas prices are high, electrical vehicles offer breathing space. Times have changed, and clearly, there is a need for environment-friendly transportation options. The rising fuel prices is one of the reasons people want to explore various options that will not only help save money but also be future-proof vehicle. It is indeed a revelation, especially after the zero-emission target set for the year 2050.
The number of EVs are now increasing on the road, but since the demand has increased, there is a need for EV charging stations too. How would people charge their vehicles without these charging stations?
EV charging stations are being introduced across the United States. MEP engineers are coming up with futuristic designs too. And the MEP engineers have the sole responsibility of designing modern and strong infrastructure to charge the electric vehicles.
Here’s an article that highlights MEP engineering and its role in designing EV charging stations.

The Role of an MEP Engineer

MEP engineering refers to the procedure of planning, designing, and management of MEP systems for various construction projects. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Did you know that MEP engineers handle every aspect of such projects? So, even when it’s about EV charging station installation, people trust MEP engineers. They’re the foundation builders!
You might be wanting to know the functions that are expected from an MEP engineer. Let’s quickly skim through them:
Overall, the job of an MEP engineer is to incorporate the most advanced technology into the installation of EV charging stations. They also inform you about the financing incentives and grants your specific project might be eligible for.

The Perks of Roping In an MEP Engineer For The EV Charging Station Design

Let’s face it: you need an expert to guide you through the EV charging station design process. MEP engineers have a crucial role to play in designing the EV charging station. As for other perks, let’s highlight a few here:
You Get the Required Guidance
MEP professionals are knowledgeable and they offer consistency in terms of limitations construction regulations, drafting for the project, etc. The process will go smoothly due to the presence of MEP engineers.
Feasibility of the site
Every site you see has its own unique features. MEP engineers assess these sites to identify whether it is suitable for an EV charging station. Some sites might need an electrical upgrade, and there will be some that are fairly easy to work with. MEP engineers recommend the required changes, and they ensure that the charging stations are being installed correctly.
MEP engineers have knowledge about site practicality which makes them an important part of the project.
It’s All About Due Diligence
The MEP engineer is also responsible for thoroughness and due diligence when they design an EV charging station. They must adhere to the applicable zoning, building codes, restrictions, etc.
MEP engineers will help in obtaining the permits needed for the EV charging station project. It’s a tricky process, so one has to ensure the project is going smoothly and all the permits are in place.
Project Dimensions
The MEP engineer gets to decide the project dimensions such as how many charging points will be there and whether AC or DC is required. They will also figure out if both are needed. In short, the professionals help in designing an EV charging station that can withstand any kind of load.
Personalized Touches
MEP engineers also keep in mind personalized Touches that the project may need. Moreover, MEP engineers will ensure that the station is good enough to offer personalized and custom touches to the clients. Let’s take the example of EV charging stations that may offer electronic payment via debit card. It offers a pleasant experience to the clients who use the EV charging station.
Information about Incentives and Grants
MEP engineers inform about incentives and grants that the project may be eligible for. This information is needed if you need funding.
Overall, having an MEP engineer for the EV charging station installation can be beneficial. They have in-depth knowledge about designing the station and following the codes.

The Need for More EV Chargers: MEP Engineers Can Help

Gas and petrol prices are rising. It’s not only pinching our pockets but also harming the planet in multiple ways. You can’t tell the world to quit buying vehicles. But you can introduce vehicle options that can change how the world travels. Electrical vehicles are a revelation, and they can be charged at an EV charging station. But more stations are needed considering there is a demand for EVs in today’s world. It’s practical, cheaper, and better for the environment.
As per figures, there are about 50,000 EV charging stations. Perhaps this number would sound intriguing and impressive a decade ago, but as of now, we are falling short. More EV charging stations are needed as the demand for electrical vehicles is increasing.
If scaling up the EV charging station installation is on your mind, then MEP engineers can help. Since the demand for charging stations is on the rise, it’s time to act.
From site selection to grants, MEP engineers are deep into the process of designing and installation of EV charging stations. You can’t deny their presence in the project.
Whether it’s level 1, 2, or 3 chargers that you wish to install, get an MEP engineer on board as their presence is pivotal in the whole design and installation process.

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