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senior living

Designing to Elevate Quality of Life

The GDI Engineering  Team is aware that when designing spaces for our ageing population, comfort, usability, and aesthetics are of the utmost significance.
We are eager to broaden our senior living portfolio because it is one of our emerging markets. While senior living buildings confront comparable operating issues and design limits, we are applying our vast experience in creating MEP engineering and lighting systems for healthcare and educational facilities. These markets share a variety of characteristics, such as the shared ambition to design inviting, inn-like settings that cater to the particular requirements of the residents while advancing the owner’s operational objectives.
Based on the particular demands and specifications of each project, we develop the MEP infrastructure for each facility. We focus on the unique project objectives, which may include particular temperature and humidity needs, acoustics in the room, power distribution, technological needs, and lighting. In all project designs, we work to reduce energy usage, protect natural resources, and improve indoor environmental quality.

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Independent Living

Independent living communities, which range from cottages to townhomes and apartments, are the initial step for many individuals towards the freedom of retirement. Our skilled team is prepared to assist you in establishing warm, well-lit, secure, and energy-efficient living spaces where potential tenants may leave their fears about homeownership behind.

Assisted Living

Tenants of assisted living facilities maintain their independence while knowing that assistance is available at all times. Whether it’s a new building or a refurbishment, our staff will work with you to give your residents welcoming surroundings that cater to their physical requirements so they can continue to lead satisfying lives.

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Skilled Care

The high-quality experience that a skilled care community offers is round-the-clock medical care that is provided in the convenience of a cosy and supportive atmosphere. Our staff will work with you to develop a delightful setting where your residents can maintain as much privacy, freedom, and dignity while receiving medical treatment and support in order to realise this objective.

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