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When you choose GDI Engineering , you gain access to our varied portfolio of projects in different markets, which showcases our many years of building systems designs. On every project we do, including those in the corporate/workplace, cultural, bibliographical, governmental, and sports & leisure markets, we offer practical, adaptable, efficient, and ecological design approaches. We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving their goals by identifying solutions that work for them.
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Whether you’re building a museum, gallery, concert hall, or outdoor garden, you’re creating a venue that requires careful coordination between designers, installers, and users and has unique systems. You may be sure that GDI Engineering has the expertise to pay attention to the appropriate details at the appropriate times to produce an exhaustive and well-coordinated design.


To fulfil current MEP, energy, lighting, and other sustainability norms or criteria, historic buildings must undergo system updates. Design work by GDI Engineering honours each building’s historic features while looking to the future.
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Modern MEP, energy, lighting, and other sustainability norms and criteria must be met by old buildings through system upgrades. GDI Engineering develops designs that respect each building’s historic features while looking to the future.


The GDI Engineering team is aware of the developments in today’s libraries. Libraries have changed significantly over time. Our designs take into account the needs of modern technology while also generating adaptable spaces in close consultation with the customer.
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GDI Engineering adds value to this market by having knowledge of and experience with municipal design standards, specifications, and codes. Each client receives cost-effective solutions and designs that are energy-efficient.

Parking Garages

Parking garages need to be built with efficiency, use, durability, and economy in mind. These and other special requirements will be covered in the functional plan that GDI Engineering creates.
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