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Designing to Improve Patient Healthcare

The design of healthcare facilities must give the utmost consideration to patient care and safety. Our GDI Engineering Healthcare team works to create patient-centered, secure, and operationally effective facilities that are flexible enough to adapt to the future of healthcare.
We understand that choosing the appropriate MEP system for a healthcare facility is crucial to ensuring that it can satisfy all of its strict operational criteria, including those for lighting, power reliability, thermal comfort, and air quality. Our team is aware that no two facilities are the same, thus finding the best system solutions for each project necessitates taking a comprehensive approach. The most effective system methods not only take into account the vital environmental requirements of healthcare facilities, but also do so in a way that enables energy-efficient operation, assisting in the reduction of operating expenses and carbon footprint.

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GDI Engineering Healthcare

A cooperative team is necessary for the successful design and implementation of healthcare programmes. Although though MEP systems account for a sizable amount of hospital construction and energy expenditures, our team is aware that the greatest results come from a coordinated project strategy. Our GDI Engineering Healthcare team is aware of the value of early team coordination between all stakeholders in completing a project successfully.
On more than 2,000 projects, our GDI Engineering Healthcare team has offered engineering services for new construction or refurbishment to more than 100 healthcare institutions. Our GDI Engineering Healthcare team has experience working on projects of all sizes, from intricate renovations to significant additions and new construction. Among the many healthcare project types we work on are outpatient surgery, emergency, patient support, treatment/diagnosis, general support, nursing, and medical offices.

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