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To support our people in achieving their maximum potential and personal achievement, we also
foster a culture that encourages and motivates personal development through knowledge sharing
across the organization, continuous education, and the pursuit of professional licenses and

Career at GDI Engineering

Making Buildings, Lives, and Careers Work

Experience a unique career at GDI Engineering, setting us apart from other MEP engineering and lighting design firms. We cultivate a culture of employee empowerment and responsibility throughout our organization. By consistently prioritizing our client’s interests, we forge strong bonds with the individuals we work with, fostering trust and collaboration. Join GDI Engineering today and embark on a fulfilling career that embraces ownership and makes a lasting impact.

Our Culture

Compared to other engineering businesses, Gdi Engineering and design Associates is unique. For our employees, we think that fostering a positive work atmosphere is crucial. Everyone on our staff, from the President to the newest member, is reachable and willing to chat with you. Senior management and employees communicate frequently as they work on projects. At our quarterly business luncheons, our management team adheres to an open-book communication philosophy and presents financial summaries, marketing results, and future estimates in addition to the firm’s strategic planning goals and updates.
As a professional services company, we think that investing in our workers is the best investment we can make. The skills and knowledge of our personnel are a true monument to our success. With the goal of providing our clients with the greatest level of service while fostering a positive team environment, Gdi Engineering and design places a heavy emphasis on the ongoing professional development of all of our employees, regardless of whether they are recent hires or seasoned professionals. By working together, we are able to maintain the delicate balance between our personal and professional lives while also fostering the ideal work environment for our workers and continue to build enduring relationships with our clients.
We view our workforce as our most valuable resource. We are aware that fostering a healthy work environment requires a variety of things, including ongoing education, career growth, and comprehensive benefits.
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