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2, Mar 2018
Structural Steel Services from The Engineering Design
The Engineering Design provides a wide range of services involving structural steel, all of which are managed by Tekla X-Steel professionals with more than a decade’s worth of expertise in the business between them. The following services are included in this offering:
Extraction of data from the Bill of Materials using advanced technology: In order to bring any project to life, you will need to compile a detailed inventory of the components and materials that are necessary, along with the amounts of each item. By using sophisticated BOM software, the project may be dissected all the way down to the level of its individual components, which makes it possible to ascertain precisely what resources would be required. This not only provides you with the most accurate information about the costs, but it also allows you the greatest amount of control over any additional items that you may wish to acquire (extra bolts to account for ones which may get lost, for example).
Construction blueprints for a variety of mining facilities: Because of the inherent risks of working in subterranean environments, it is imperative that all mining equipment and structures adhere to high safety standards. In turn, the shop drawings of such buildings need exactitude to the nth degree in order to guarantee that the prefab components and system installations provided by a third party are up to the appropriate standards. When you use our fabrication drawing service, high-level industry professionals will use the most accurate software that is currently available. This will ensure that the data that you use to plan will be as exact as possible.
Offering a comprehensive range of different shop drawing services: Everything from stair railings and sheet metal to roof trusses and rebar is included in the scope of our design and planning services. As is the case with all of our other services, the accuracy of our drawings is precise down to the component level, and they may be provided in either a two-dimensional or three-dimensional format (depending on the nature of your needs).
The Engineering Design is able to fulfill all of your structural steel needs and set you on the path to a productive and fruitful project, regardless of what those requirements may be. Get in touch with us about our structural steel services so that we can discuss the many ways in which we may be of assistance to you.

Professionalism in both leadership and management

Your structural steel project will be finished to the highest industry standards if our seasoned leaders and project managers are in charge of it. They bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our expertise will work with you through each stage of the process, beginning with meticulous cooperation and continuing with quality production and installation, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Framing and fabrication using metal studs

The Structural Steel section of PEC provides a diverse selection of solutions for interior or exterior build-outs that are customized to meet the requirements of each individual application. Our steel services include the whole spectrum of structural and non-structural fabrication and installation, ranging from cold-formed to light gauge framing and everything in between.
civil and structural engineer

Design Services Offered in Their Entirety

Our in-house drafters, detailers, ensure that the design and manufacturing process is carried out without a hitch.

Engineering with steel has enabled humanity to actually reach for the stars, making steel one of the most essential materials that humans have made. The time it took to construct a big building was drastically reduced from decades to years when mass steel fabrication became feasible in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

However, planning a building to make the most of steel’s capabilities is not a simple task. Many people mistakenly classify the design of a steel structure as belonging to the field of architecture.

The fundamentals of structural drafting are universal and can be applied to the design of any building, but an engineer familiar with the special properties of steel is required to fully take advantage of the advanced capability of steel structures, especially in the modern era with the advent of stronger and lighter steel alloys.


In order to accurately depict the strength and properties of a steel structure in a blueprint, the engineer must have a thorough familiarity of that steel’s alloy. A greater volume of steel may be needed for a lighter weight steel, yet the mass may still be reduced. It is unlikely that the engineer and draftsperson will be able to create their ideal design for the building without knowing the steel’s structural capacity.
The use of steel necessitates the use of engineering drawing in the design of the construction. To recognize steel’s intrinsic qualities and then to devise an engineering strategy that maximizes structural capacity while reducing volume and mass attributes is the work of a true engineer.

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